Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Hi and welcome to my blog

My name is Amanda and I am a mum of a toddler (girl) and with another little girl on the way in June. Im from Victoria, Australia.

I have always wanted a Thermomix and since they were offering the 12 mth interest free period I bit the bullet and thought why not.

The whole point of this blog is I want to start meal planning and saving money.  My plans are also to start my own veggie garden too so we will be saving money and hoping to go down the organic route with the veggie patch.

I also want to purchase a couple of chickens for eggs too and it will be good for the girls when they are older.

I want to go back to basics and eat foods with less preservatives and at least I know what is going into mine and my families bodies.  I want to save money but spending less time in the kitchen but preparing quick and simple and easy meals and snacks.

So today I have ordered my thermomix and just waiting for it to arrive.  I'm really excited especially with bubs arriving that I will have some time to practice the TM.

I also have a very fussy husband and hoping I can convert him to eat foods that are "better" for him.

So once I receive my thermomix I will be creating weekly meal plans and rating them as well.  Tweaking recipes etc.

Thank you for following me and my newly created blog

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